Stefano Baratuche

Stefano Baratuche

Ph.D. Candidate, Economics

Princeton University


My research evaluates the impact of financial regulation and the introduction of novel financial technology products on the cost and availability of external funds in developing economies. Throughout my Ph.D., I have acquired an in-depth knowledge of Causal Inference and Empirical Industrial Organization methodology to model multi-sided markets and estimate demand systems for credit and other products.

To deploy these tools, I have collaborated with fellow researchers and partnered with industry leaders and central banks. I have 8+ years of experience in economic modeling and programming (e.g. Python, R).

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I have enjoyed teaching numerous courses at Princeton University and UTDT. In addition, I advised students working on their junior thesis in the Princeton Economics department.


At Princeton University

ECO 300 - Microeconomic Theory with Sylvain Chassang

ECO 301 - Macroeconomics with Wenli Li

ECO 321 - Firm Competition and Strategy with Nick Buchholz

ECO 325 - Organization and Design of Markets with Jakub Kastl


Topics in Microeconomics with Marzia Raybaudi

Risk, Uncertainty, and Finance with Martín Solá

Graduate Microeconomics with Leandro Arozamena and Lucía Quesada


Jakub Kastl

Professor of Economics
Princeton University
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Nick Buchholz

Assistant Professor of Economics
Princeton University
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Kate Ho

Professor of Economics
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